Coco Plugs

Every Hitech grower wishes to get a growing medium that provides strength, better nutrient control, aeration, and of course, all of it at a reasonable rate. Hitech Growing Media Coco Plug is the best solution to this. 

The Freshest. Chemical-Free.

A growing medium that supports and sustains – coco plug or cocopeat plug or coco coir peat as it is commonly called, is one such solution that anchors your plants and represents a giant leap in the Hitech Growing Media industry. Using peat moss aka coco peat as the raw material, coco plugs are manufactured in a meticulous way that includes-


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Fresh & Healthy

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100% Organic

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Coco Plug

The other terms that coco plugs are also known by are – coco coir plugs, coco discs and cocopeat plugs. Cocopeat plugs are made from specifically selected peat bog and wrapped in a thin, 100% degradable net. With the smooth addition of nutrient solution,starter plugs become an excellent growing media for hydroponic systems.

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The Hitech is concerned with the development, production, marketing and sale of growing media and soil improvers in the India .The ingredients used to manufacture these products 100%.Biodegradable & Eco friendly. We Have a 20 Years Experience in this field.