Coco Cut Fibre

Coir Fibre Bale is produced from 100% Coconut Fibre. Our product is made from natural Fibre taken from Coconut husk, cleaned and compressed into Bales.

The Freshest. Chemical-Free.

Coir Fibre Bale is used as raw material for Automobile Upholstery ( Car Seats/Dashboard ), Geo-Textile, Coir Spring Mattresses, Furniture, Erosion control and Drainage Filtering and much more. Brown coir is harvested from fully ripened coconuts. It is thick, strong and has high abrasion resistance. It is typically used in mats, brushes and sacking. Mature brown coir fibers contain more lignin and less cellulose than fibers such as flax and cotton, Fresh water is used to process brown coir


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Fresh & Healthy

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100% Organic

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Coco Cut Fibre

Cut fibre is used along with cocopeat in hydroseeding. A slurry of cocopeat, cut fibre, grass seeds and manure is sprayed over the area to be landscaped. The cut fibre forms a matting preventing the washing away of the cocopeat, manure and seeds allowing the uniform development of turf.

Coco Cut Fibres / Coco Bio-Fibres/ Coir Fibres are chopped or cut into sizes of 1 cm to 3 cm sizes of tolerance +/- 10%. Coco Cut Fibres are used as a Mulching Agent to mix with Coco Peat, Peat Moss etc. It generates more Air Porosity to the plants to grow freely.
Coco Cut Fibre is available in compressed bales of 43 Kgs and also in compressed blocks of 5 Kgs.

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The Hitech is concerned with the development, production, marketing and sale of growing media and soil improvers in the India .The ingredients used to manufacture these products 100%.Biodegradable & Eco friendly. We Have a 20 Years Experience in this field.