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Plant nurseries are places where plants are propagated and grown to a usable size.
The plants they grow may be sold on to the public, businesses or commercial
gardeners. This lesson is based around a practical investigation into how well
different growing media hold water. Understanding how well different growing
media hold water helps nursery managers to decide which growing medium to use,
and how often to water.

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coco peat is very good at holding moisture and nutrients in its pores and release them to the plant roots as and when they need it, there by preventing the leaching of valuable nutrients and fertilisers out of the substrate.

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Cocopeat is a bi product of Coir Industry, has widely gained acceptance as an ideal growing media especially for Hydroponic Growing Systems in Green Houses, under shed net house cultivation. Coco peat after partial composting gives good results as a best organic manure/soil conditioner to improve the physical as well as biological characters of soil. Coco peat has got very good property of slow degradations which is very useful for tropical climate. It has got very good water holding capacity i.e it holds 9 times more water than its weight. It  has the ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. It also has great oxygen carry properties which is important for healthy root development. It is very light and easy to handle without any odour and smell.


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There is this notion among growers that Coco Peat has high salt content. Yes, it does, in its natural form. Coco peat, being extracted from the coconut husks, are greatly affected by the soil conditions of the area from where they are being harvested. Coconut being naturally occurring in abundant along the sea shores, generally in soil with high salt content, coco peat in its natural form will be high in salt content.

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The Hitech is concerned with the development, production, marketing and sale of growing media and soil improvers in the India .The ingredients used to manufacture these products 100%.Biodegradable & Eco friendly. We Have a 20 Years Experience in this field.